Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mid Terms....

The mid term fever is finally over … yes just had the first mid term exams yesterday. The mood on campus had suddenly changed since Monday . People could be seen pouring over books every where , the LRC was completely occupied all the time and the security had to drag people out at the closing time ie. 2am. , reference books on economics suddenly disappeared from the shelves, I even heard people lining up at 7am waiting for the LRC to open at 8 so that they could be the first once to grab the reference books in short supply. The gym, squash courts or the pool all wore a deserted look for a few days.

We had two exams on stats and economics on Friday . The stats exam was a closed book one however we were allowed to carry a single page of notes to the exam, that’s a cheat sheet in ISB parlance.. Eco on the other hand was an open book exam and we were allowed to carry any amount of books notes etc to the exam centre. Well honestly none could help. While stats appeared the more difficult of the two it turned out to be economics which stumped almost everyone. Each question had a new surprise and the mood after the exam was just that… surprise or shock. But honestly the eco exam was very intelligently designed, each question required absolute clarity of concepts and the ability to apply them. Guess this being our first brush with this pattern of exams that emphesise and test application rather then plain learning of concepts , we would get better as time progresses. It was also interesting to note that although it was an open book exam very few actually opened the books and even those who did found little help in doing so.

The evening saw a party organised by the spouses association. Time to let your hair down, enjoy , relax and get ready for the next battle....


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