Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The reservation ghost has come to haunt us again. The government’s proposal to increase reservations in educational institutions is causing widespread rage across the country. We have had the policy of reservations for certain castes and communities, considered to be backward , ever since we won our independence 59 yrs ago. Simple logic says that if the targeted beneficiaries are still no better off the policy is due for an overhaul. But imagine what do our lawmakers do , instead of scrapping the policy of reservations they chose to increase them. The concerned minister represents a region which is the most backward in India, and has continued to remain so. So much for his credentials.

Nothing could be more painful then a deserving case not getting admission to premier institutes all because of his caste .I admire the US society because it accepted the idea of merit to the core. People from every religion and nationality were accepted with open arms as long as they could contribute to the society. Success stories of numerous NRIs bear enough testimony to the fact. Equal opportunity and merit are the fundamental tenets for any society to grow and prosper. Unfortunately India has some distance to travel on this count, and people like Arjun Singh are making sure they lay as many hurdles as possible on this path of growth.

PS : In the next move the government plans to bring unaided institutions like the ISB too within the purview of the reservation guidelines. Isn’t it time for us to stand for meritocracy??


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