Friday, April 21, 2006

First week at ISB...

Its nearly a week now since we came here. The first week was dedicated entirely to the induction. Alumni from the previous batch turned out in large numbers to interact with us and organised a large number of sessions around various club activities, their experiance during placements and life at ISB in general. In fact one factor I was a bit apprehansive before joining ISB was that unlike a two year program we would not have a seniour batch to help and guide and you might end up reinventing the wheel each time in such a situation. But the alums have done a good job at helping us benefit from their experiances.

Suddenly I am surrounded with 400 people most of whom I am meeting for the first time but a lot of them would turn out to be friends for life in the course of the next one year. All of us have been struggling to remember as many names as we could. cant remember how many times I have introduced myself almost every time we step out of the quad we encounter a new face.

Section competitions are on simultaneously our batch strength is larger as compared to the previous batches we have been organised into six sections unlike four in the previous batches. Our section is leading the charts and the final results would be announced tomorrow after the talant nite.

On a personal note I have resumed squash I was a struggle to begin with having picked up the racket again after almost two years. Need to get down seriously to thinking about my career options post ISB.One fact lot of alums stressed was to start working on the resume from day-1. I hope to start my effort on this front from today.

The preterms begin from monday so I would be back to the classroom after almost four years now. Not sure how easy it would be to sit through two hrs of lactures.

All in all its been an exciting week so far met a lot of now and interesting people and it was a joy listening and sharing experiances. Met some old contacts as well including a friend from school days and one who was studying togather during the CA final exams.

Lots more to follow since its all just started.......


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