Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The First Assignment .....

All first's in life have a particular significance and become part of cherished memories. Ask anyone what he did on the first day at school or who all he met the first day at office and chances are you would get a complete recollection of all events. ... but try asking the same about say the 132nd day at school or the 56th day at office.

The first group assignment in marketing was submitted yesterday, group could be seen completing the final draft of the case analysis for the better part of the day, however come evening the relief was evident on all faces. So much so that during dinner I kept guessing from the expressions whether the person walking into the dining hall had completed the assignment, and guess what 18 on 20 times my estimation was correct. For the remaining two .... well you cant really blame me since some people wear the same expression whether happy or sad...

Thats my group submitting the assignment..........
after a merathon final meeting lasting over five can read the joy and relief on our faces.


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