Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Snippets-I

  • The biggest realization for me from the first few weeks on campus has been that one needs to maintain a strong focus. I have 428 friends around, innumerable student clubs, numerous other activities and a few classes and group activities in between, but alas we have just a year on hand (525600 minutes to be precise).This place offers endless opportunities for every interest and inclination. One needs to be very careful in selecting what all he wants to be involved into. There is a real risk of spreading oneself too thin , one needs to make sure he makes the best use of the available resources and the time…. And that’s what management is all about … isn’t it.

  • Its amazing to see the sociology at work on campus. Most people have already organized themselves into their own groups , some prefer to move alone all the time while some are found in pairs whenever you see them.

  • First term begins on Monday and there is lots of material to be read for the first class (around 100 pages for marketing class, 100 odd for economics et all. .). We all are pretty enthusiastic right now and almost everyone has completed the reading. Some people have even completed the following chapters. Would be interesting to see how many can continue the same enthusiasm. I am told the year at ISB is all about maintaining the momentum. Sounds simple but its not gonna be easy.


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