Monday, April 24, 2006

Random Snippets ....

  • The pre terms began today. This week long modules are designed to acwuint us of the basic concepts to be applied during the core terms. Out of the three courses on offer (Quant, Stats and Accounting) I have opted for only the quant course. Didn’t go there expecting much apart from getting a feel of attending classes after almost four years. And I must confess that the professor kept a good job of keeping us all wide awake for atleast 90 of the 120 minutes lecture. Prof. Shankar (who is teaching us this course) is a faculty at IIM-B. He made the class lot more interesting by providing a historical perspective to math. I aim to refresh my math concepts during the course and also be able to appreciate the application of math to business problems a lot better.

  • Every day I bump into a large number of people, we greet each other out of sheer courtesy although on many of the occasions we do not know each others name. I have discovered this that its almost impossible to remember 400 names so soon. My rule for this.
    1. Don’t take offence if people forget you r name.
    2. Don’t expect yourself to remember all the names, nothing wrong with asking people to say their names again.

  • Infrastructure at ISB is superb. The campus is a wifi zone. The internet speed is 100mbps which is cool. The LRC is the best I have seen anywhere, it has a huge collection on almost each and every issue, not to mentions a superb collection of DVDs.


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