Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Adventure or opportunity .....

The accounting course in Term-1 pretty basic in nature. But considering the fact that almost 70% of the batch is totally new to accounting the course does serve a purpose in the program.

The professors for the course offered all CA’s an alternative whereby we have been given an option to opt out of the regular accounting course. Instead we would be required to undertake a research assignment requiring us to present at the end of the term and also submit a term paper. The course would also be supplemented by a few meetings wherein the professors have agreed to talk to us on emerging issues under accounting and their research work. Prof Kallapur presented last week on Esops and their accounting, while Prof. Finn would talk to us this week on Variable Interest Entities (Would be able to write about what this means after I attend the talk). So the bottom line is no regular classes, no routine assignments and no exams. Our course grades would be based upon the evaluation of the term paper. The project needs to be undertaken in groups of three. Although this route would require us to perhaps put in more effort and risking the near certain “A” on the grades, not sure if risking is the right word since one should still end up with a good grade if he puts in enough effort in the project.

The module is however optional so while a few of up opted in, many others choose to stick to the regular course. Groups are working on issues ranging from Corporate Governance to Carbon Trading and HR accounting etall. My group would be presenting the term paper on the issue of “Accounting for Intellectual Property Rights”. The topic is pretty interesting but would certainly require lot of work since the area of accounting for intangibles if still far from being fully explored. Watch this space for much more on the issue.

The whole decision to opt for the scheme or not was centered around the possible implication on the grades, or the notion having to work hard for a possibly certain grade. Well as for me the reasons for choosing the research module over regular class were quite simple…. Its not all about grades and grades alone, although grades are important but concern over them should not deter us from a good learning opportunity. A bschool education is as much about exploring new frontiers , the way to make the best use of the internationally reputed faculty available here is to be able to interact with them on a variety of contemporary issues. As for the risk, well at times taking no risk at all is the biggest risk in itself. So while some call it needless adventure I call it opportunity.


At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Akshit said...

Agree with u - its not all about grades...

am sure all of us who have opted for the CA module will learn some new will surely be a value add as compared the normal course.....

and hopefully good grades will follow :)


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