Saturday, May 20, 2006

The rising middle class ...

The middle class in India was so far perceived as pretty apathetic to any political movement, well not any more. The fight against the reservation policy is no more being fought on the streets alone, but like millions of others you too can contribute to it through sms and email campaigns, blogs etc. and help build a social opinion. What started with a handful of students from AIIMS at Delhi has now taken shape of a national movement in no time. The so far silent Indian middle class has been on the forefront of the anti reservation stir , people have found unique ways to express their concerns without disrupting their normal lives. Like the employees of many tech companies choose to wear black on Friday as a mark of their protest against the policy, people are becoming more aware of the importance of their opinion in a democracy. However some do question if all this really works, well it does, the widespread movement has forced the govt. to do a rethink and go slow on the new policy. May sanity prevail….


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