Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back after a long hiatus …

Its always sad to see your blog not updated for days, weeks and sometimes months, I have been guilty on almost all counts in the last few days (or a month… ) however here I am again.

The fourth term was rumored to be the easiest but it actually proved otherwise. As always we were still on our toes all the time, long nights on assignments, exams that make you clueless, exams where the avg score is 90, exams postponed at the last moment … the last of the core terms had it all.

Being the last of the core terms this was our last opportunity with the study groups and sections , we had been together for six months … time really flies off. Talking of groups the last six months were really an enriching experience for me, cant forget the all nighters for comp strat, investment analysis, operations (oh there were many..) dinners and parties together , the long hrs me and manu spent argueing passionately on almost all issues (but at the end we invariably made that right decision, and that’s what counts, and we are still good friends which counts much more ) and how can I forget markstrat where we started at the bottom of the table but swiftly turned the fortunes to end in the top two teams … memories they say is all that remains in the end … ISB has already made me lot richer in that sense …


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree... time just fly's and assignments are always pending..

Good Luck..


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