Sunday, July 30, 2006

Random Snippets-IV

  • Lots happening on campus.... the results for exchange were announced yesterday. This year ISB has done away with interviews for selecting candidates for exchange programme, instead the bidding system has been extended to exchange selection as well. For the uninitiated the bidding system is commonly used across b-schools to allocate elective courses. Each student is alloted a fixed quota of bidding points that can be used to bid for courses and now also the exchange programme. The ones bidding the highest are selected for the course. As was expected the bids for the exchange programme reached some very high levels with people bidding almost all the available points to the exchange programme.

  • The only shortcoming with exchange in a one year course is that the exchange period typically includes the placement period, which would mean that you might not be able to participate in the campus placement process. Although, last year some of the students did travel back to India during the placement period , but it still is viewed as a risk by most since whether you can come back or not also depends on the schedule of exams etc at the school. Having said that being on a foreign campus is also a once in a lifetime experiance.... life's full of choices, heard about tradeoffs....

  • I talked about the Class Economist contest in one of the previous posts, its an online debate around contemporary economic issues. The results were announced last week. And as you might have guessed it by now that yours truely was the winner. So I am entitled to use the title of Class Economist now. ;)

  • Consulting club hosted the first event yesterday. The panel discussion was moderated by AjitRangnekar and also included three of the alums from BCG, McKinsey and Accenture discussing various whats and hows of consulting. Read more about this on the consulting club blog.

  • Finally this was one of those rare weekends with just one assignment to complete. Friday night saw the Bhangra Fever come alive at the "Bend it with Bhangra" party.... I leave you with some snaps from the party...


At 9:30 PM, Blogger yashovardhan gupta said...

your blog is prety cool. read it for the first time today

At 10:39 PM, Blogger samir said...

Thank you mr.nucleumaniac... I am a regular at your blog.


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