Tuesday, August 22, 2006

got my elp...

A conventional two year MBA format offers a period of internship where students work and learn on the job, with a one year MBA model there’s no time window available for a full time internship. The Experiential Learning Program is a way around, this is a short term project where teams work remotely for most of the project and spend a short time at the client location.

Coming to our experience this year, just finished the ELP interview with Morgan Stanley, UK and guess what we got the project. Elated we certainly are since this is one of the few international projects on offer so far. The opportunity to work with a leading global investment bank is something all of us are looking forward to. The project would involve developing models for trading strategies in the fixed income market.

The first hurdle has been crossed but there’s very little time to rest on our laurels since the project would certainly be very demanding. We know that this is nothing more then a small first step, but its in the right direction …


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