Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Random Snippets-V

  • Time is flying fast, we have already entered the later half of term-3. The mid terms were held last saturday. With exams every third week we have now got used to the examination pressure, no longer does one see the tension and disruption of normal schedules before an upcoming exam. Life now moves as normal and exams they have become a part of life...

  • The Centre For Analytical Finance(CAF) organised a conference on corporate governance this saturday. The list of speakers included illustreuos names from the industry.Unfortunately we has our exams the whole dayso couldnt attend the event. This was indeed a perfect example of bad administrative planning, a little bit of better scheduling would have allowed the students to attend and gain from the conference. Hope we learn...

  • The citibank scholorship opened last week, yesterday was the due date for applications. I am told that more then 300 people have applied, and I am one amongst them. Will keep you posted on this.

  • Before I conclude I would leave you with an image which examplifies my talent at photography ;) , watch the timing...


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