Sunday, September 03, 2006

Term-3 ....

Another 6 weeks and another term fly’s-by . But term-3 was special for the two subjects that left a mark on every one. Entrepreneurship was the first, unlike what people initially expected the course was not about developing a business plan, infect we did not even talk about a business plan, instead we dealt with a number of cases trying to explore the mindset of entrepreneurs and the different forms entrepreneurship can take under different circumstances . Both the instructors, prof.Venkatraman and prof.Valamuri were outstanding; they definitely managed to get everyone thinking and changed a lot of perspectives.

The course on Corporate Finance deserves more then a mere mention, Prof. Suren Mansinka handled an intricate and at times complicated subject in a very succinct manner. He is amongst the best professors I have ever met. After his last lecture one of the students went upto him and said “I do not have a finance background and before the course I was a bit terrified of finance, but now I love it “ … I feel the comment says it all.


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