Sunday, September 03, 2006

first knocks from the placement season...

The placement season might start early this year Goldman Sachs, Novartis, Macquaire Bank and Deutsche Bank have confirmed their visits for oct-nov. These are all international positions in finance, so there would be a tradeoff and we would have to make clear choices since these interviews (and possibly offers…) would take place a good two-three months before the placement week. But that’s how life is….

Have started working on my resume which seems to be the most important part since when at times more then 100 people apply for a position getting shortlisted can be a challenge in itself, moreover the resume defines one’s first impression on the recruiters. Most recruiters do not have time to go beyond a page during the initial short listing process so the resume should not exceed a page. As they say if your resume goes beyond a page you are probably the president of the united states. So its important to create a crisp at the same time comprehensive resume that can highlight all the relevant skills for a job. However its easier said then done as I am discovering first hand….


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